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For everyone here at Jan Samriddhi, we believe that Objectives is "something that an individual, institution or organization, efforts for or undertakes action with an intention to attain accomplishment or achieve a purpose, goal or a target".

Objectives are significantly designed and framed so that it becomes the driving force, a motivating factor for the team members, investors, promoters, who so ever is associated with us, irrespective of the designation or hierarchy in the long run.

Jan Samriddhi has penned its Objectives in a couple of words as mentioned below :-

To carry on the operation of primary agricultural and animal production, post harvest operations, procurement, grading, pooling, handling, packaging, marketing including promotion of farming system integrating with animal husbandry and export of agricultural produce.

To facilitate, coordinate and promote the marketing and trading activities of the cooperative institutions in agricultural and other commodities, articles and goods.

To carry on the business of processing, including, extraction, preserving, drying, milling, distilling, brewing, venting, caning, packaging, branding and marketing of produce of the members in both domestic and international markets.

To undertake purchase, sale and supply of agricultural products, marketing and processing requisites, such as manure, seeds, fertilizer, agricultural implements and machinery, packing machinery, construction requisites, processing machinery for agricultural commodities, forest produce, dairy, wool and other animal products.

Enable small and marginal farmers for production of high quality seeds

Facilitate small and marginal farmers to fetch proper price of their agricultural produce through efficient marketing system at an opportune time.

To facilitate investment in agro processing, hi-tech agriculture and Agricultural infrastructure projects for value addition to farm produce so as to ensure higher income to the farmers, provide greater employment opportunity in rural areas and better products to consumers.

To enhance farm gate price by facilitating contract farming so as to ensure direct supply from farmers to processors

To enhance the productivity of crops in a sustainable manner and give every farmer a competitive edge through an integrated approach to agriculture.

To provide necessary services to small and medium size producers for the sale of agriculture produce

To organise consultancy work in various fields for the benefit of the cooperative institutions in general and for its members in particular

To set up storage units for storing various commodities and goods, by itself or in collaboration with any other agency in India or abroad

To maintain transport units of its own or in collaboration with any other organisation in India or abroad for movement of goods on land, sea, air etc.

To arrange for the training of employees of marketing/processing/supply cooperative societies

To undertake grading, packing and standardization of agricultural produce and other articles

To advance loans to its members and other cooperative institutions on the security of goods or otherwise

To improve better quality life in rural areas by providing clean and low cost biogas energy

To empower the farmers with improved technological package including agricultural tools, crop selection and crop management practices to sustain under unpredictable and diverse agricultural conditions

To do all such things or undertake such activities as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the above objects

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